Дом в Италии

Dom V Italii is the Italian property listing portal for Russian clients looking for a house in Italy. All of the property listings have been translated into Russian so that foreign clients can choose the house of their dreams more easily in Sardinia, Liguria, Milan without language being an obstacle.

Direct contact, without mediators

With Dom V Italii you can directly contact the sellers, without mediators, without charges. Furthermore, the portal makes mother-tongue Russian speakers available to the clients who can follow the transactions and, if needed, take part in the meetings. Dom V Italii was specifically made for the Russian market and therefore its goal is to facilitate the meeting between those selling and those buying.

How does Dom V Italii work?

Search for the house based on the area or the type, look at the pictures, read the listing and directly contact the seller. It is very simple.
The portal also offers services such as “House Alert”, which informs you when a listing is posted in the area that you are interested in.