Guide to the Italian property market

Italy is a rather small peninsula, however it is rich with landscapes and diverse forms: countless kilometers along the coast, mountain chains where we can find ski lodges, hilly backcountries rich with history, art and culture.


Northern Italy is the richest area of the country and it is the place to buy luxurious properties in large cities: here is where we find Milan, the business capital of Italy and Venice, a gem unique in all the world, rich with incomparable works of art and architecture. This area of the country has dreamy locations that are famous all over the world for their natural and historical beauty and they are often chosen by famous celebrities as locations to purchase their luxurious villas: the lakes Garda, Como and Maggiore, the Alps mountain chain, the highest in Europe with prestigious ski destinations for those passionate about winter sports and mountain lovers, the Ligurian Sea and the Romagnola Riviera with luxurious locations such as Portofino and fun-filled destinations such as Rimini and Riccione.


Lombardy is the richest region in Italy and its capital, Milan, is the country’s most important economic center: famous for being the European fashion and design capital, together with Paris, for the streets filled with shopping and the numerous works of art (the Last Supper by Leonardo can be found here).Luxury lovers choose Milan as the destination for purchases, visiting the high fashion houses on streets such as via della Spiga and via Montenapoleone.
Milan was the location for Expo 2015, an very successful event, which allowed Milan to undergo a period of development and to obtain even more prestige on an international level. In Lombardy you can also find the most appreciated lakes in Italy: lake Como, lake Garda and lake Maggiore. With their historical villas which overlook the water, the moderate climate and the lush nature, the lake cities of Lombardy have become the exclusive destination for international jet setters. The real estate crisis allows for the finding of prestigious and luxurious properties at prices much lower when compared to a couple decades ago.
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Liguria offers to those searching for a home in Italy the advantage of having the sea and the mountains extremely close-by. All along the Tirreno coast, exclusive locations overlook the sea that kisses Liguria. These locations, such as Portofino, San Remo and Santa Margherita Ligure, are ideal for purchasing luxurious houses. On the hills of the backcountry, dreamy villages can be found for those wishing to retreat, maybe to a nice renovated farm manor. The French Riviera and Monaco are directly accessible from Liguria. Buying a house in Liguria is a great investment because the area is always under high demand in both Italian and European real estate.
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Valle d’Aosta

Valle d'Aosta has the main and most luxurious Italian ski destinations such as Cervinia, Courmayeur  and La Thulle. Lovers of skiing and the winter season can find luxurious villas and apartments here as well as chalets and small villas that offer all the modern comforts in a traditional atmosphere. The region is also rich with spas and hot springs for those who love to dedicate their time to wellness. The prices of the properties have undergone a slight decrease due to the economic crisis in Italy, making way for advantageous purchases.
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Central and southern Italy are not as rich as northern Italy with the exception of Rome and a few other specific areas. These regions have natural beauty and unique art to offer: Tuscany with its Senese hills, the Chianti area, the artistic beauty of Florence and the renowned coast around Forte dei Marmi; Lazio with Rome and the splendors of its ancient empire, the hills rich with castles and beaches, Sicily with its crystal clear beaches, the golden mosaics of the cathedrals and the remains from the villas of the Roman Era, Sardinia with the Costa Smeralda and the nuraghe.


Tuscany is the ideal place for a second house and a great investment. The landscape, unique in all the world for its ancient villages and soft hills, is accompanied by an exceptional food and wine culture, famous for its Chianti wine production. Even the coast has exclusive locations to offer such as Forte dei Marmi, known for its active nightlife and luxurious shopping. Here, some of the most famous cities in the world can be found: Florence, birthplace of the renaissance, with works of art such as Michelangelo's David and Botticelli's Venus, Siena with the square where the Palin takes place and Pisa with its leaning tower. In Tuscany you can find already renovated or yet to be renovated villas and farmsteads or luxurious apartments in arty cities.
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Lazio is the region where Rome, the capital of Italy, the eternal city, is located. In Rome you can find the San Pietro Basilica, the Vatican and the ruins of the Roman Empire: the Coliseum, the Pantheon, Domus Aurea. Rome is also the shopping capital with via condotti and the boutiques belonging to the most important fashion houses. The Lazio coast can offer sea lovers the opportunity to find properties in exceptional locations with lower costs compared to other Italian destinations.
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Calabria has a large number of wild-looking coasts and still uncontaminated nature with very interesting prices for those looking for a second home. The region is undergoing a growth in economic development and service development and it is therefore a favorable choice for those who wish to invest in property in Italy. 
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Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean with a mild climate all year round. Famous for its beaches, it also has priceless historical beauty such as it's Greek temples and villas from the Roman Era. 
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Sardinia is the second largest island in Italy. It is known for its crystal clear waters, so much so that it's sea is thought to be the most beautiful in Italy and in Europe. Locations such as Porto Cervo, on the Costa Smeralda, are chosen by jet setters for their own luxurious vacations and have very interesting investments, especially for those who buy and rent during the summer season.
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